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A site for the Gloria Shields All-American Publications Workshop 2017 | Dallas, Texas

The lasting legacy of Gloria Shields

Many of the students attending the Gloria Shields Workshop don’t know about its namesake. Two Online Publication students, Natalie McMahon of Allen High School and Gracie Blackwell of Coppell High … Continue reading

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New Snapchat feature has some feeling wary

Snapchat recently released a new feature called SnapMap that allows people to pinpoint your exact location while you’re snapping away. While it’s touted as a way to see what’s happening … Continue reading

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Online publishing is hard work, but it does yield helpful skills

At the Online Publishing class at the Gloria Shields Workshop, students get a lot thrown at them in just a few days — lists of online tools, coding concepts, ways … Continue reading

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What’s it like when hundreds of teenagers take over a hotel?

Most hotels are used to seeing conventions come through their space, but when it’s a workshop full of high school students, things can be a little different. Kaleigh Koc and … Continue reading

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Meeting new people is hard — even in a room full of journalists

Talking to strangers is an essential part of being a journalist — you sometimes have to interview people you don’t know. It’s also an essential part of being at the … Continue reading

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High school journalism is the launchpad for many careers

Some Gloria Shields alumni held an inspiring panel about how the workshop and high school publications classes helped them achieve success in college. William Yanek from Lawrence High School asked … Continue reading

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Getting the Netflix pulse at Gloria Shields

In between workshops and learning new skills, students need some time to unwind. Sometimes catching a movie is a great way to do it — and there happens to be … Continue reading

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A desire to get better drives these students

There are 600-plus students at the Gloria Shields Workshop for high school journalists in Dallas this week. Among them are students in the Advanced Video class being taught by Don … Continue reading

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Are you a lost 2017 yearbook editor?

Find out what yearbook editor leadership class you’re supposed to be in.

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